My Personal Brand Image

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother what will I be
Will I be pretty?
Will I be rich?

Last time, my lecturer brought "what if you thought your self as a brand?" topic in class. Personal brand is how do you want to represent your self in life, how do want people look at you. Your brand includes : what memory from your past do you keep, how do you live your life now, what you're wearing, the food you eat, the cup of coffee you hold in your hand, and what bag or cellphone that you bring on the other hand, what kind of people you called  friend, places you love to go to, what's your passion, and all your other attributes.

A few months ago, somehow I was the most bipolar person on earth. One time I tried to stay positive and happy, but I also cried a lot, I didn't really know why, I didn't know what i want, or what's wrong with me. I said, "God! I used to know who I am, what I wanna be, what I'm passionate about. It's all gone! I'm LOST!" Then, my friend told me, "It's okey to be lost. Even in my age (her daughter is the same age as me) I still feel lost sometimes. Just embrace it, enjoy it." I didn't really get it. She told me to enjoy my lostness? For real?

Yesterday, my friend told  me that she feels so lost, no life purpose, nothing. Now I get it! I said, "WELCOME TO ADULTHOOD, my friend." Being lost makes us more mature and wise, because it's when we have to find out new purpose, it's when we listen to our environment better and be more open-minded about it, and everything will change. That lostness is like a restart button, gives you second chance to change. But it's our choice, if we want to push that button or not.

For me? I pushed it. I feel like I've been given a second chance to be better. What's my brand image? How do people see me as a person? I still don't know. My brand is still under construction.

How do you build your own brand image?

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