AprilEvent : Michelle's 19th Birthday

Surabaya, April 11th 2011
Michelle's 19th birthday party @ eclectic Bar, SUTOS.
Michelle's wearing : Zara Top, Topshop bandage skirt, C&K Pump Heels.
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it's her BIG day..
it's her BLESSED day..
it's her BIRTHDAY!

Passionate in fashion, picking up her own dresses, trying mom's make up. Well, childhood passed away and adding few ages to this girl, but things don't change much. She's still that little miss coquettish.  

 Yeap, 2 birthday cakes for her! Cheese cake and Opera.. What a dream? My boyfriend and I decided to add more blast, so we jammed on stage. Haha! Super,, Singing & dancing on stage with my electric Blue pump heels by Dorothy Perkin was memorable.

Hahaa,, I didn't want it to last. FUN!
Must have item in your party : bestfriends, closeBuds, stylish people, great music, and dance floor!
Few drinks and crazy games may get you a bad hangover in the next morning, but sometimes it's worthed.
Well, how do you people think about a FUN party?


  1. Haha I completely agree with the must have items for a party! Sometimes hangovers mean you had a blast the night before.

    All the best, Angel


  2. Thanks for following. I did the same some time ago :)

  3. This is so cute and sweet! Looks like fun.


  4. Thank you 4 the comments guys..
    Love to hangout with my friends to party.
    What bout your kinda party, from your hometown?