Make Up to Up Grade

Cosmetics has been around for several centuries. Cleopatra has known for her make up and beauty. On the Capitalism era, cosmetics made for women to pleased men, women cosidered to have lower social status than men. But then social feminsm againts it.
Now a days, make up are women's persona, beauty up grade, and made to please women. Everywoman is already beautiful, but we can be even more beautiful! When women improving her look, amazing things will happen. People begin to pay attention even more, and we become a lot more confident.
Of course, the make up is confidence, but there's nothing wrong to add more to it. But not to know what's the occation for wearing make up is a fashion don't.

For the day look, the more natural is the better. Make up like no make up at all, or make up to pop out your best feature could be a perfect choice. For evening , if you have plan to hang with some girlfriends or dinner date, you can wear a simple smokey eyes or play with one color tone eyeshadow.

This Summer, bright & shocking colors are so in. Hey, add those colors to your eyes and put you little black dress on with the same color with your eyes - pump heels! You'll look amazingly stylish! Rememberm no need to be TOO MUCH.

Make up can be fun. If you love make up and photography, experiment with your make up tools to create artistic or dramatic editorial make up photos. My personal favorite is MAC add campaign.


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  5. i tried the smokey eyes and the nudes & they're great, but tangerine is definitely not for my eyes. :p
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