Old Frames, Colors or Black

Playing outside, feel the summer breeze! I companied mr. Sun with shocking colors. Summer is my fave season of the year, 'cause summer dressed up is always fun & cheers.

By the day, love to wear white sneakers.
Left : Jeans vest by Yuan, Statement Necklace by Santa3, White Tank by Anonymous, Checked High Waist by DIY,
Right Above : Vest by DIY, Tangerin Dress by Vintage, White Sandal by Velove,
Right below : Blue Cardigan by Vintage, Gold Scarf by DIY, Pink Balerina Dress by ZARA, Pink tutu skirt by ZARA.

Saturday night, lil black dress are irreplaceable, and statement heels always work best!
My sister : Lil black dress by Cotton On, Heels by DIY
Me : Lil black dress by Vintage, Pink tutu skirt by ZARA, Ankle Boots by ZARA


  1. Awesome pictures, love everything :) great shoes by the way !

  2. your white sneakers are so cute!

    p.s. i just found your blog through IFB and i'm your newest follower!

    dash dot dotty

  3. thank's guys!
    love love love shoes!
    they're like my fashion ultimate weapon.

    thx for follow

  4. Fun pictures!



  5. really awesome outfits and pictures!! great work

  6. Completely agree that the little black dress is a staple. So versatile and can be used any season of the year really. Ah! Brave of you to take picture on the roof.

    All the best, Angel