first stop at SUBWAY

Flight from Jakarta to Sydney took about 8 hours, than we're going for a road trip to Gold Coast for 10 hours. We're hoping for a hot summer day, so I packed up all my summer dresses, shorts, and some tank tops. And there, the wind and the grey cloud welcomed us. Thank God, I still got my #Mango Blazer and warm scarf.

What we did? Just sit around
Had a great time at the Harley Park, Labrador. We had so much fun, we sit for hours and talked about some stuffs. We don't normally do this in Indonesia, sit in some random bench and talk.

Here, have some appetite :D
SAKS has the best view and the best food in Gold Coast. The atmosphere was amazing and warm. I loved it.  I had a crispy garlic bread with fresh basil leafs, fresh oysters with lemon and sea salt, and Lamb Chops with red wine sauce and delicate mashed potato.

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